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Cure Extra Care Cleanser 50 ml.

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A gentle cleansing gel - Travel Size
Variant name: Extra Care Cleanser
EUR 19


A gentle and fragrance-free cleansing gel which gently removes makeup and impurities without disturbing the skin’s delicate barrier.

With soothing botanical extracts to protect the sensitive skin against external stresses and with hydrating actives that promotes a good hydration while providing protection against free radicals. Particularly suitable for those with intolerant and sensitive skin types and conditions.

  • Gentle cleansing gel
  • Purifies and enriches
  • Rehydrating
  • Soothing
  • Softening


How to use: Apply one pump into the palm of damped hands. Massage with gentle circular movements over the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water. Use morning and evening. Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only. Free of perfumes and soap. Can be used to remove eye-makeup.

Size: 50 ml.


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