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Day CC-Cream Spf 30

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Tinted mineral foundation with SPF
Variant name: Day CC-Cream Spf 30
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An illuminating and moisturizing day creme that enhances your skins complexion. Day CC-Cream Spf 30 is a make-up, moisturizer and sunscreen in one it relieves dryness and roughness while soothing irritations. Niacinamide and Davilla Rugosa protects and diminishes fine lines as Pomegranate and mineral pigments restore radiance and lustre. Enanthia Chloranta helps to minimize imperfections and balanse the skin.


  • Tinted mineral foundation
  • Illuminating
  • UVA-/ UVB- protection
  • Covering redness and blemishes


Directions of use:
Apply a small amount of the product on cleansed and toned skin, after your moisturizer. Apply it with light massaging movements, so that the creme melts into and adapts to you skin tone.

Skintype: Suitable for all skin types (light to medium colored skin)

When a higher sunprotection is needed, we recommend to apply Day Maximal Sense Spf 50 beneath Day CC-Cream Spf30 (or mix them together).
-For external use only
-Avoid direct contact with eyes
-Over exposure to the sun is a serious threat to health.

SPF INFORMATION - what does it mean?
The SPF number tells you how long you can stay in the sun before getting burned. If you normally start to burn after 10 minutes of sun exposure, an SPF 25 product will allow you to stay in the sun for approximately 25 times longer (4 hours 10 minutes). The SPF number indicates sun protection from UVB rays only. However this protection varies depending on the persons skin type and the intensity of the sun. 2mg of sun cream should be applied to 1cm2 of skin to achieve this optimum protection.


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