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Pure Antioxidant Creme

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Medium moisturizer with antioxidants and intense hydrating properties
Variant name: Pure Antioxidant Crème 50 ml.


A medium light moisturizer with protective antioxidants and intense hydrating properties that contributes to smooth out fine lines.

Antioxidants and plant extracts, including A- and C vitamin that actively helps the skin to pre-vent premature skin aging. The elasticity and luster improves, and at the same time the skin barrier is strengthened and rebuilt.


  • Moisturizing
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Protect against free radicals


Key active ingredients:
- Hyaluronic
- Tocopheryl Acetate
- Shea butter
- Sodium Carboxylmathyl Beta-Glucan

Directions of use:
Apply on a cleansed face and neck area, dayand/or night, preferably over interacting serumfor additional effect.



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