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Pure Detox Energy

The modern lifestile of today and all external aggressors such as pollution, toxins and UV- radiation can lead to an unbalanse of the inner clock in the skin. Pure Detox Energy contain ingredients that is carefully chosen to reset and boost skin energy, vitality and resistance.

Anti-pollution/ Anti-glykation
Collagen stimulating
Improves elasticity and radiance

Extracts of japanese deep sea salt and ribose strengthens the possibilty to eliminate
toxins and improve uptake of oxygen and nutrition. Enriched with antioxidants that counter- act oxidative stress (ROS) and glycation (AGE). Peptides strenghtens skin toleranse against UV-exposure and prevents premature aging. Cell renewal extracts from algae and papaya promotes hydration making the skin complexion full of lustre and vitality.

Directions of use:
Gently massage over the face and throat day and/or night. Can be used in combination with your favourite Akademikliniken moisturiser (Pure Antioxidant Crème / Cure extra Care Moist).

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